Reversing radar is a car safety auxiliary device composed of an ultrasonic sensor, a controller and a display (some models are replaced by a buzzer). It is used to detect obstacles around the car. When the driver performs a forward or reverse motion , Can help drivers find obstacles that may collide and issue an alarm, eliminate visual blind spots of car drivers, and greatly improve safety.


Depending on the principle of the probe, the detection principle of the reversing radar is also different. Some reversing radars are detected by ultrasound. When the ultrasound hits an obstacle, it will be reflected. The receiver will accept this sound wave and convert it into an image or signal transmission. Go to the display and let the driver see that if it is a pure visual judgment radar, the picture is captured by the camera, and then the screen is intelligently identified by AI, the obstacles are identified, and an alert is issued to remind the driver.

Therefore, no matter which detection method is used for the reversing radar, it can assist the driver to complete the reversing action, which is functionally complete.