Although every car has a rearview mirror, there is inevitably a blind spot in the rearview mirror. To make up for this shortcoming, retrofit radar has become the choice of many new car owners. So what exactly is the performance of many parking sensors on the market? Can it completely solve the troubles of novices when reversing?



The voice prompts the parking sensor and parking image are different in terms of control. The parking sensor is equipped with 3-5 distance probes at the rear of the car, most of which are mostly 4 connected by the control module in the car. The reversing image is mostly installed above the license plate of the car, and the multimedia display is connected to the interior operating platform of the car to display the rear condition of the car through the image.

The radar controller receives different voltage waveforms, and the built-in buzzer emits fast and slow beeps to remind the owner of the car — the above is simply that the radar will emit different sounds depending on the distance.



How do we use it for our customers:

1. When you start to sound very slowly, you can rest assured, because the farthest obstacle above the chassis is about 140CM

2. When changing from slow to fast, you need to be careful at this time. At this time, the obstacle is about 50CM, and you can continue to reverse.

3. When a fast beep becomes a long beep, it is recommended not to fall backwards, only 20cm away from the obstacle.